Monday, September 14, 2015

Asbestos, a guide for DIYers & Tradies - by PM4Reno (Project Manager for Renovators)

This guide mainly applies to tradespeople and ‘do-it-yourself’ (DIY) home renovators carrying out minor renovations on building materials that may contain asbestos.

  1. The guide was produced by Queensland Government
  2. The guide doesn’t cover the major removal work of either non-friable or friable asbestos.
  3. 'Click' to download the guide 

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PM4Reno (Project Manager for Reno) was established to provide time poor renovators, DIYers and DIFMers with a 'Go-to-Location' for,
• Independent and objective project help;
• An expert (2nd) opinion on project cost - material, labor, and likely hidden cost (a No Cost Service);
• Support with addressing the Top 3 Renovation Headaches (Tradie Delays, Bullshit & Bluster, and The Shitty Little Things) that every renovator, DIYer and DIFMer has to face; and
• Help to ensure the project is delivered on-time, to scope, and at the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO).

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