Thursday, January 1, 2015

The Problem with Procurement; and the game changer that you may have been searching for!

Many organizations, particularly since GFC (aka, Global Economic Crisis) have had to make the difficult decision of reducing staff and streamlining departments. As a result, more responsibility has been placed on the remaining excellent staff that often has little time to invest in a major new project, solving complex problem or managing a comprehensive cost saving efforts beyond their immediate core responsibilities.

About Me
In the early 80’, as a young man and a manufacture, I needed a sustainable game change to provide me with a competitive edge. An edge that would break through, and give me a foot hold in a mature market dominated by long established manufactures and suppliers.

30+ years later, I am still applying the principles of that game change. This time, to deliver sustainable change to my clients business (from SME’s to multi-nationals); and deliver negotiated and realized savings back to business - where the value gains can be traced back to the P&L Statements.

How Can I Assist With Your Business Growth?

There are 7 primary reasons why my BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) services are sourced!
1: Time
2: Expertise & Resources
3: Speed
4: Natural
5: Fresh set of Eyes & New Ideas
6: Financial Benefits
7: Business Value Benefits

Next Generation BPO Services

As such, I extend a personal invitation to you to visit HERM Logics’ new website; and to gain knowledge of our next generation BPO services ... the game changer that you may have been searching for ... and in return, earn your respect and endorsement.

Your Invitation Link: HERM Logic

Yours Sincerely,


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